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Interview with about Stretch

In her book, Stretch: How to Future-Proof Yourself for Tomorrow’s Workplace, Barbara Mistick argues that while everyone has a date at which they stop being relevant in the workplace, we all have the ability to extend that date as long as possible. In Part 1 of our interview, Barbara shares why she thinks we should strive to “stretch” in our workplace and the the ways in which we can.

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You Might Be Relying On The Wrong Type Of Network To Advance Your Career

You already have at least two different types of networks in your life: personal and professional. Personal networks are populated with family and friends, people you see often and who care for you deeply. They typically contain a lot of close ties—your spouse or partner, close family members, even distant relatives that you see infrequently.

But most of us have "loose-tie" networks, too.

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How to Get Feedback When No One is Volunteering It

You are probably not getting the feedback you want or need, according to our research conducted with SuccessFactors and Oxford Economics. Less than half of respondents in our 27 country survey say that their manager delivers well on providing feedback either formally during their performance reviews (49%) or informally on a regular basis (43%). It gets worse.

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